Ayelen Parolin & Marc Iglesias Figueras Close


Ayelen Parolin & Marc Iglesias Figueras

15:00 Studio B (120’)
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Topic: work around the material used for Hérétiques’ creation

The workshop will be held by Ayelen Parolin who will be assisted by dancer Marc Iglesias Figueras.

Hérétiques is based around repetition and endurance around a central leitmotiv: the triangle and its infinite variations. The movement becomes a mathematical construction, complex and precise geometric gestures, that oscillates to a crescendo between canon and unison.  

The workshop focuses on the elements used in the creation of the piece Hérétiques: its conception, movement research and composition.


  • Warm-up,
  • Exchange moment around the piece’s language of movement and repertoire,
  • Individual creation and improvisation based on provided material.